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Developing the Skill called Humility


Fostering humility is a hard task, nor does it develop overnight. But one of the benefits of humility is exploring your inner freedom and vital qualities that you hide from yourself and society. In other words, you develop a compassionate heart with humility. Here are some scientifically-proven ways to cultivate it:


1. Develop Mindfulness and Self-compassion

Mindfulness and self-compassion are vital for building humility. With mindfulness, you will move away from your thoughts and analyse them from an observer's perspective. You will start acknowledging that you are beyond your superficial desires and accept who you truly are. Through self-compassion, you will correct mistakes with patience and respect. You will not be hard on yourself but understand what comes your way.


2. Express Gratitude

Humble people always express gratitude for the things they receive. Exhibiting gratitude means you are more focused on the people around you. It signifies that when people around you go through hard times, you will be less likely to judge them. Rather you would help them through their suffering.


3. Seek Help and Feedback

Humility lies in recognising when you need help and being able to ask for it appropriately. This is especially true for children as it helps shape their personality. Make time to seek feedback and welcome other's opinions. Listen to feedback and ask for clarification. Be grateful for all that you are and all that you are not.


Watch Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's, “How to be Humble?” video.

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