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What is dLeaD?

We are delighted to present to you our new innovation towards Reinventing Education dLeaD – Deeksha’s Learning Digitally initiative.


dLeaD is intended to give you a complete experience of the Online Ecosystem of Deeksha which comprises of

1) Delivering Live Lectures

2) Assigning Homework

3) Assessing Homework

4) Engaging through Live Tutorials

5) Conducting Live Tests

6) Providing Career Guidance and Life Skills

7) Mentoring Children

8) Be eligible for Scholarship Test

We have two dedicated platforms that facilitate Online Learning:

  • Deeksha Online Portal: For Live Classes (Lectures, Tutorials)
  • eDUCATOR: To access content anytime and anywhere, for Doubt Clarifications and HomeWork


Should you have any technical issues, we are here to serve you. Just call on 9513743841.