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Defeating the Demon called Distraction

Dealing with Distractions


Exam time can be stressful and irritating for most of you. The pressure from teachers and parents can be overwhelming. While distractions are a part of your life and cannot be avoided completely, one can learn to limit and deal with distractions. Some of the most common distractions while studying are gadgets, friends, family, movies and some external factors as well. It is important to monitor them and deal with them in a better way. Here are some methods to deal with your distractions and listed are a few tips on the same:

1. Turn off your Gadgets

In an era where technology rules our world, it is impossible to get rid of the distraction it brings in. Technology gives us the freedom and access to control it. Hence when you sit down to study, ensure you turn your gadgets off or at least put them on silent. Keep a set time limit for browsing the internet or social media. This way, you will learn to follow a timetable and discipline yourself.

2. Choose a Study Environment:

A study environment is important to make the best of your study time. Having a set environment motivates you to focus better. Be wise in choosing your study environment. Your study place must be devoid of any distractions. This way, once you sit at your study place, you will automatically want to study and thereby make the best of your time.

3. Make sure your Basic Needs are met

The most common reason for distraction is hunger and sleep. To ensure you do not get distracted and stay focussed while studying, make sure your body's basic needs are met. Eat well and make sure you are not sleep deprived before you sit for your regular study time. When your body is well fed with the right nutrition, your mind will automatically feel better and you will be able to focus for longer duration with no disruptions.

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