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About Deeksha Academy

Every year, more than 5,00,000 students write different Indian engineering and medical entrance exams in which only nearly 2,000 students somehow manage to seek admission in top colleges. As competition is getting tougher every year, an experienced and trained guide who can help during preparation through coaching and proper time management skills which in turn helps in relieving stress from student’s life.

Deeksha established its first brand through Deeksha Academy at Basavanagudi in the year 1998. The main motive of Deeksha Academy is to “make sure no student is left behind.” Deeksha believes all those who aspire to get into top national medical and engineering colleges should be offered with right opportunities and guidance so that they can achieve their goal.

To this effect, the Academy imparts knowledge to the students through partner schools in different prime locations in Bangalore after the college hours. A team of highly experienced and qualified professors, graduates from IIT’s and doctorates in various academic disciplines are appointed for giving lectures.

The course materials are designed by scholastic professors with an objective to offer students an exhaustive study material along with relevant numerical without focusing much on trivial concepts.

Deeksha Academy offers education through two programs:

Get all the details on how to apply for admission in Deeksha Academy.