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Deeksha Academy

How to Apply

Deeksha Academy seeks students with steady performance in academics and who have the ability to be moulded into resourceful engineers, doctors and researchers. Deeksha Academy not only focuses on enabling students to crack competitive exams, but also provides a strong foundation for the education following the exams.

Admission to Deeksha Academy:

A personal interview is conducted for students of class XI and XII with the branch counsellor. In addition, the candidate should seek 80% marks in Maths and Science in their VIII, IX and X year of study. Admissions commence from November & the classes commence from April/May followed by weekend classes either on Saturdays or Sundays from June.

Regular Courses:

Deeksha Academy offers 3+2 years program for students studying in class VIII, IX, X & XI and XII. These programs help them do the preparation at length for different medical and engineering competitive exams.

Crash Courses:

Deeksha Academy provides crash programs of short duration for those students who are planning to take up medical and engineering entrance exams after completing XII and NTSE during the X grade. These programs help students prepare for various competitive exams comfortably. The courses are intensive and are usually conducted after the board exams.

Also, Deeksha Academy provides residential crash programs, where students can stay within the Deeksha college premises during the course. These programs are highly intensive and study hours are monitored even after classes.

For admission related queries or more info, send us email at: academy@ace-online.co.in or call us at 1800 419 4109.