CEO’s Message






  Pramod Gupta
  CEO – Deeksha

Dear Parents,

I am delighted and content to be sharing the 3rd edition of BYTES with you! It has successfully become a way to communicate with all of you.

Over the years, we have put in all our effort in providing the best learning experience for each child. I am proud to say that our holistic approach to education has created successful and responsible citizens. More than just imparting knowledge, we have inculcated moral values and life skills to all our children.

We have always adapted to the changing scenarios and have kept pace with the ever-evolving technology. Our technology integrated learning system has taken away rote learning and made teaching and learning creative and thought-provoking. Deeksha’s highly qualified faculty, who undergo a meticulous five-step selection process, are trained in accordance with this unique technology integrated pedagogy.From digital tools used in our smart classrooms to our Android apps, we cater education through various channels, making it enjoyable and easily accessible. Apart from providing quality education, technology has also made the flow of all kinds of information between the institution and parents streamlined. Parents are now able to track and assess the progress of their child like never before.

I promise you that we will keep up the good work and strive to improve our classroom experiences with technology.Thanks for all your support and valuable suggestions. Let us pave the path to success together.


Anindya Sharma

Student of Indian Institute of Science (Class of 2014)

I started loving what I was studying and then everything became easy. Continuous mentoring from teachers and motivation kept my focus on what I was doing. If I have made remarkable achievement in my career, it’s all because of  Deeksha