Deeksha @ Miranda Junior College

Campus Bytes

“A school is a place where students grow into future citizens who are both sensible and responsible and Deeksha truly keeps up to this belief. The faculty at Deeksha are exceptionally good in their fields of expertise and help nurture the talent of student. Good books and great teachers motivate students to do better. We also grow as individuals, preparing ourselves to face the obstacles of life. The bond between the teachers and students is a model to behold. “

Karthik V XI ‘A’

“When you come to an institution like Deeksha, you have certain expectations and certain compunction, and I am happy to say that it more than meets our expectations and compensates for the compunction with grandeur andélan. They offer clear cut training which is pre-defined and well structured, and offers great scope and opportunity for the students to broaden their horizons. The teachers are dedicated to their work and takeit upon themselves to nurture each child at their own. It is truly a place where the mind merges with the sprit, both academically and personally.”

Sidharth Bodhi XII ‘A’

“Deeksha has the optional environment for learning and knowledge. Teachers are always supportive and open to questions. They go out of the way to help you at any point of time and always make sure that students are taken care of. Deeksha is a tight knit community where people can depend upon each other through thick & thin. At the end of the day, Deeksha makes you grow as a person.”

Sruthi Iyer XII A