Deeksha @ Surana PU College, Kengeri

Inter Class Sports Meet 2017-18

PRAKRIDA-Annual Sports Day. Various sports events were conducted between classes and the winners had to participate in the finals on the sports meet.

The finals were conducted on 4th November, 2017. All winners and runners-up were awarded on Children’s day.



In District Level Throw Ball tournament, the Boys Throw Ball team secured second place and four of them namely Vijay, Rakshith M, Varshith and Praveen Rathore are selected for State Level Throw Ball tournament.

Throw Ball Girls Team secured second place in Inter collegiate State Level Throw Ball tournament organised in Jyothy Institute of Technology, which were held on 16th& 17th September.


Sanketh M Daithota and ShreyasNojogi bagged first place in State Level Badminton Tournament. Sanketh MDaithola was also selected for Nationals to represent Karnataka.


Volleyball girls won second place in Magna Open Tournament which was organised in Christ Junior College.

Soundarya M was selected for State Level Volley Ball Tournament.


2017’s Children’s Day was not just a celebration which we would consider as one of those events which happens every year. It was a heart-warming and spectacular event. “Caring for an orphan is not a compulsion, it is a privilege “. This year we had the privilege of having foster kids in our college. Our hearts were filed with joy and satisfaction when we succeeded spreading a smile across their face after food was served and games were played.

Their happiness knew no bounds. We also noticed that those kids never hesitated to do anything, be it singing or dancing; they put up all they could.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”, so they danced. We connected firmly with the kids while dancing heartily with them.At the end of the day, they taught us to be grateful for all small things in life.

Sanders Pai,Founder of Surana School, was the guest of honour. He was accompanied by Mr.Bharath H. K. He was the star of the day; a star of a lifetime for some of us. He works at Infosys. By appearance, he seemed to be a simpleton; casually dressed with a smile on his face. We were all shocked when we got to know that he suffered from cerebral palsy. In spite of that, he had passed 10th standard with 92% and 12th with 80%, only with the permission of one extra hour. His CET rank of 4000 was also quite shocking. He said, “When there is failure, there is success ahead.” He also asked us not to lose heart.

There was a skit performance by the teachers. Later, we had prize distributions for all the mega events and cultural activities conducted in the year 2017-18.


First of all, we were very excited to look at the number of participants in the first round. Overall, seven teams with two participants each were selected for the finals. At last the day came and the stage was set -‘QUIZ MEGA EVENT’. As we entered the hall, each team was given a catchy name. Dean Sir conducted the event. There were numerous rounds with different criteria of questions. There was a tough knowledge competition among the teams. In the end, with by racking our brains for the last bit of knowledge in our heads, we were on the top of the scoreboard. By participating in this event, I had a chance to recap many concepts that I had learnt and observed before. Surana campus offers a great chance to know more about oneself and boosts to learn more.

Each and every individual have their own hobbies and interests. Surana College provided such an opportunity to enjoy our passion. The dance prelims witnessed a plethora of participants coming in and showing off their skills. The best performers were selected for the ‘DANCE MEGA EVENT’. The first two rounds were to be performed based on the theme given to us. We practiced hard and gave it our best shot. We were selected to the final round which was a property round. There was a tough competition but our hard work paid off. We were on cloud nine and this experience will be etched in our memory.

Music is a language which loosens the heavy heart. The‘MUSIC MEGA EVENT’ was a soothing event. There were many rounds conducted, each with different musical style. I got a chance to showcase my talent as well as succeeded in grabbing the title.