Technology Integration at its best



The integration of technology to education has become
an essential element of today’s educational system.
Being a pioneer in this field,Deeksha caters through
various digital tools to children, teachers and parents.

dClass: An innovative approach of audio visual aids which engages, motivates and stimulates effective learning.

eDUCATOR: An assisted Learning Management System which has an integrated learning content module with structured lessons, notes, homework, discussions, doubt clearing platforms, revision videos and mock tests which enable children to take their classroom home, making them self-dependent.

dCloud: A contemporary interactive Android app that serves both parents and children. Check grades, review attendance records, and stay on top of upcoming events with the app. dCloud gives analytics about a child’s performance, offering a deeper insight on academic performance. Detailed reports related to test and performance can be viewed and emailed also. Attendance details can be viewed through simple and powerful user interfaces.


Anindya Sharma

Student of Indian Institute of Science (Class of 2014)

I started loving what I was studying and then everything became easy. Continuous mentoring from teachers and motivation kept my focus on what I was doing. If I have made remarkable achievement in my career, it’s all because of  Deeksha