The Journey is Never-ending

“Morning prayers at Deeksha brings hope, optimism, and a range of positive feelings. These mind soothing positive emotions tell us that life is deeper and beautiful than our minds can ever grasp.”

Anand Rao, HO
SBU Ops 









“I love to interact with students, faculty, and parents at Deeksha. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I am working towards a grand and achievable vision. I proudly see making strides towards it every day.”

S Prathap Naidu
Dean and Principal
Deeksha, Thyagaraja Nagar, Bengaluru @ SGPTA PU College
11 years











“I am grateful for the support, guidance, and encouragement at Deeksha. The homely atmosphere and learning opportunities coupled with a task-oriented cooperation makes my workplace memorable.” 

Shakunthala Vinay
Senior Executive – DigiLearn, HO







“We are a family working together for children. I like our management, my colleagues, and the whole Deeksha family for their kind-heartedness exhibited all these years.”

Sheela Rao
Asst. Manger – Administration, HO








“Deeksha is one of the rare institutions where the vision and ideals of the founders have not only persisted over the years but also matured, strengthened and percolated to great pinnacles. They have been supportive and cooperative to achieve creative excellence.”

Neeti Sharma
Senior Faculty, Mathematics
Deeksha, Yelahanka, Bengaluru @ Chethana PU College
7.5 years






“Deeksha values our work the most and priorities of our children come first in any decision. The commitment of top management in serving students better and the collaborative culture motivates me to give my best every day.”

Arshiya Kouser K V
Senior Manager – Learning and Development, HO 
7 years










“The genuine warmth, care, and camaraderie at Deeksha are exemplary. The people of Deeksha are its biggest strength and we draw power from each other.”

Daipayan Banerjee
AVP – Human Resources, HO
6 years



Anindya Sharma

Student of Indian Institute of Science (Class of 2014)

I started loving what I was studying and then everything became easy. Continuous mentoring from teachers and motivation kept my focus on what I was doing. If I have made remarkable achievement in my career, it’s all because of  Deeksha