Success is a Journey Not a Destination

“I thank Dr Sridhar as I discovered my interest in analytical reasoning and lost my fear of solving problems. His lectures on Physics had a deep impression on me and made me re-evaluate my decision to study Biology. However, I chose to be an engineer instead but did not manage to clear the IIT entrance exam. I contacted Dr Sridhar mid-way through my engineering studies to learn about problems that had baffled me earlier. He encouraged and mentored me in my efforts. I owe a great deal of my career to the mentoring efforts of Dr Sridhar as well as Mrs Lalit Sridhar.” 

Chithrupa Ramesh
Senior Technology Research, Zuken, United Kingdom







“Deeksha was a great source of learning in my life. My numerous experiences while organising and participating in events on the campus have shaped me as a leader. Deeksha’s ‘out-of-the-box’ teaching methods includes values, rare skills and practical learning that have influenced students to scale heights. It also helped us to explore creativity. In the past two decades, Deeksha has produced the brightest minds. I thank all my teachers, friends, and Deeksha for helping me become what I am today.”

Sukruth Raju
Founder and CEO, Trignosource Innovations Pvt. Ltd 












“When I first entered Deeksha campus, I thought that it would be like any other college. But eventually, I got to know that Deeksha is different. The weekly tests, thought-provoking lectures, and non-academic activities helped me in the pursuits of life. I learnt about teamwork, confidence, and creativity at IQ event on the campus. Moreover, I thank the faculty at Deeksha for teaching me soft skills along with core subjects. I will carry my learnings wherever I go.”

Shreya Hebbani
Infosys, Bangalore 


Anindya Sharma

Student of Indian Institute of Science (Class of 2014)

I started loving what I was studying and then everything became easy. Continuous mentoring from teachers and motivation kept my focus on what I was doing. If I have made remarkable achievement in my career, it’s all because of  Deeksha