New Session Message to Parents










Dear Parent,

Your child has worked hard to complete his/her 10th standard board examination with good marks. At Deeksha, we heartfully welcome you and assure that your child will succeed in the Pre-university course in an equally good way or even better.

We focus on the overall development of our children and give equal importance to board and competitive examinations. The teaching methods and rigorous training programs for two years will ensure that every child performs to the best of their ability to earn admission into professional courses such as engineering or medicine.

Through our dCARE and dLife program, we ensure that there is an overall development of every child. Our motive is to nurture the success of every child.

Dr. Milind S. Chippalkatti
SVP, Knowledge Management


Anindya Sharma

Student of Indian Institute of Science (Class of 2014)

I started loving what I was studying and then everything became easy. Continuous mentoring from teachers and motivation kept my focus on what I was doing. If I have made remarkable achievement in my career, it’s all because of  Deeksha