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Deeksha @ Ideal Indian School, Doha, Qatar

Deeksha, the trusted name in PU education with 18 years’ experience and 36 campuses spread across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Telangana is now launching its Integrated School Program for CBSE VIII, IX, X, XI and XII at Ideal Indian School in Doha, Qatar in association with Savoy Education Center.

With the success percentage to get into premier institutions being less than 1%, the right type of preparation is paramount. But before that, students need to have a strong academic foundation.

Deeksha prepares students for Board and Entrance Exams with:

  • Expert faculty
  • Best-in-class study material
  • Effective testing practices

Highlights of the Integrated School Program

  • Smart Class based detailed CBSE teaching
  • Synchronized school and supplementary classes
  • Extra classes and foundation courses for Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams
  • Study hours to complete assignments under the supervision of faculty

Why one should join the Integrated School Program

  • Extra tuitions can be avoided
  • Get trained by expert teachers
  • Get inspired to work hard

Courses Offered

Class Courses
VIII, IX & X CBSE + Foundation Courses
XI & XII (Science) CBSE + Competitive Exam coaching


School Address

Ideal Indian School

Abu Hamour,

PB No. 2836,


Tel : 44684849 (6 Lines)

If you are in Doha and looking for the integrated school program, Deeksha is the right place for you. For any queries, email us at enquiries.iis@deekshalearning.com