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We are living in an age of information overload with the expectation that students will learn high-level skills such as how to access, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize vast quantities of information. At the same time, teachers are evaluated by their ability to have students pass tests that often give no value to these abilities.

Technology can actually assist with these expectations and make every stakeholder more successful. However, the world has become more complex—virtually year-to-year instead of the generation-to-generation. Technology too has seeped into every sphere of our lives; embracing this change in the educational journey of a child, Deeksha has facilitated continual learning. It has allowed students to prepare themselves anytime and anywhere through its various technological products.

Students of today need to prepare for board exams as well as competitive exams within the same stipulated time. Both are of extreme importance. While the student needs to pass board exams with the highest marks to go the next level, it is imperative for the student to get a high KCET/COMEDK ranking to get admission to the top category colleges with preferred streams like Electronics, Computer Science, Mechanical etc at minimum cost. This in turn enables the student to get into top companies through campus placements. A student shuttling between college, home and coaching classes consume forty per cent time. They have a lot of concepts to cover but time is a big challenge!

Can technology help bridge the gap between time and syllabus? Can phones be put to effective use? Can tablets, PCs help a student to prepare and get ready to ace all the exams?

dPAL and eDUCATOR are one stop technological solutions which will help students’ academic needs in order to crack JEE Main, NEET, CET/COMED-K, CBSE 11, 12, PU 2 Science and commerce.