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What to do when you feel discouraged




Exam times can be stressful, frustrating, scary and most of all, anxious. You may often feel overwhelmed with the continuous exams and assignments. You may feel like no matter how much effort you put in, you don't see the results. While you stay focused and aim to study well, it is important to be positive and optimistic as well. Being optimistic about your preparation can save you from a huge deal of stress and anxiety. Remember to pay more heed to your efforts than the result.


Sometimes, it is easy to lose focus and motivation and be discouraged. At some point, you're tired and you tend to lose interest. During times like these, remember the journey is not yet over. You still have a long way to go and success is just around the corner. Most of you may feel discouraged by a bad grade or a bad score in a mock test paper. Don't give up. This is not your final test. Remember, there are several tests and hurdles coming your way. Be confident and stay calm instead of panicking and feeling discouraged. When you feel discouraged by a bad grade, the best thing you can do is to accept it and move on.


Don't dwell on your failures, neither should you fear failure. The best way is to not think of the result and give it your best. When you feel you've not done your best, accept it and work harder. This way, you stay optimistic and have a calmer and more composed mind which will help you work better. Make sure to take a deep breath and keep going.


Here is a motivating video by Gaur Gopal Das narrating a story of a young boy who didn't succumb to discouragement and lead his team to victory.


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