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Mind matters

mind matters

Exams - The one word that has the ability to send you into complete and utter state of panic. Unfortunately they're an unavoidable part of a child's life and have the ability to cause a lot more

mental stress than usual.


Having a calm and sound mind is imperative to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. During exams, you may often feel tired and find it difficult to focus with all the pressure building up in your head. It is important you have a clear mind in order to make the most of your preparation. Often times, you may feel low or lonely due to various reasons. A bad grade, a difference with your close friend or you may even have a problem with how your sibling treats you. Sometimes, you may not understand why a certain situation is awry and you may feel confused and helpless. Times like these,

you feel intensely and are often unsure of how to act on these emotions.



Remember, you are not alone. Don't bottle up your emotions and talk about what you're feeling regularly to someone you trust. It could be your teacher in school, a friend or your mom. It is common to feel aloof from your parents during your adolescence. You may feel your parents don't understand you and your thoughts or opinions. While this is true at times, sit them down and talk to them; tell them why you feel a certain way about a situation. Voice out your opinions and listen to what they say. Having a good and comfortable relationship with your family is important to ensure mental wellness. It boosts your self-confidence and keeps you healthy physically as well as from within.

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