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Change The Environment, Not The GoalNATURE AND THE STATE OF BEING

Possibly, one of the greatest gifts we can bequeath to our children is a love of and for nature. It evokes the confounding question of care and love: do we love things we care about — or care for things because we love them? But a question such as this, when applied to nature, needs no resolution. Nature makes us blissful in our state of unknowingness of its plans, its designs and its dreams.....Read more


Concept Videos: Message from FounderConcept Videos: Message from Founder

Previously, we have communicated that Deeksha has rolled out its latest learning aid: Concept Videos. These short snippets are created to break down chapters into simplified topics to enhance comprehension. These could range from formulae to equations and derivations....Read more


Dealing with Anxious ChildrenDeeksha Introducing Concept Videos

At Deeksha, innovation is our buzzword for augmenting learning. Presenting our latest study aid, Concept Videos, which breaks down complex topics into simpler and digestible chunks of information. Get ready to take learning a notch higher with our latest offering, Concept Videos....Read more


Dealing with Anxious ChildrenTo Build and Live a Fruitful Life

The pandemic period has given us good time to introspect on our habits and beliefs. Most importantly, it's taught us to slow down and reflect on what really matters in the long run: health, family, and discovering one's purpose...Read more


Dealing with Anxious ChildrenAkio-Toyoda

Akio Toyoda, alumnus of Babson College, USA, was invited to be the guest speaker at Babson's Centennial Commencement. Toyoda is the President and CEO of Toyota Motors — he is a third-generation member of the Toyoda family that ventured from textiles to make their fortune in automobiles....Read more