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Release Your Dreams Like A Sneeze


We are all made up of our life experiences that consist of the good, the bad and the ugly. Over a period, we accumulate experiences - some that help us and some that sabotage us. Sometimes, we try to ignore or suppress unpleasant dreams, often we numb ourselves with them. Other times, we dream of things that make us proud, happy and passionate. These experiences or emotions accumulate within us and compound until we can no longer carry the emotional weight.


Have you had similar dreams? Have you dreamt of something big and unexplainable? Have you ever felt your dreams linger in your mind and pull you towards them? Dreams become a reality when worked upon with dedication, passion and consistency. Hard work will always ensure even the most bizarre of dreams can be turned into reality. But dreaming alone will not take you anywhere.


Dreaming is the first step. To achieve your dreams and turn them into reality, it is imperative for you to put them out in the open. Make your dream your goal. Write down your dream, tell your friends and family about it. When you tell people about your dream, it makes it a tad bit real and closer to reach. Waiting for the right time to act on your dreams will only leave you frustrated. There is no right time to start working on your dream. Begin today and do not stop. Do not let anything stop you from achieving your dream. At the same time, once you begin working towards your dream, do not lose motivation. Be dedicated and consistent in your efforts, success will come to you.


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