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Integrated School Program

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Integrated School Program

Building a strong foundation for every child by introducing the concepts of science and mathematics, along with rigorous coaching for CBSE, is no small feat. It requires strong fundamentals, consistent practice and dedication.

The Integrated School Program, for classes 8 to10 children, offers regular school coursework for CBSE along with foundational coaching for Olympiad, NTSE, IIT, and other competitive exams. Children in this course are trained to develop strong fundamentals towards the end of the school to give both the exams seamlessly. This allows all academic needs of child to be taken care of at the school itself.

By the time children complete their schooling and begin JEE or NEET coaching, their foundation is strong. Starting early gives your child the following benefits:

1) Saves time and enhances knowledge

2) Ensures an edge over fundamentals

3) Helps to practise, improvise, and excel in CBSE and competitive exams

4) Aides children to get into the academic rigour of class 11 and 12 for better results

5) Children get an advantage in terms of preparation for both the exams


With over 20 years of experience in training children for competitive exams, we have noticed that coaching from an early stage can work wonders for a child's future. With integrated IIT and other competitive exam coaching schools, our solution is to help children prepare better.

Highlights of the program

  • Regular CBSE portions with higher level problems in science and mathematics
  • Guided by expert faculty trained in teaching foundation courses for high school children
  • Exclusive study material including worksheets for classes
  • Special training to develop required skills and the mental ability to solve problems at a higher level
  • Extra focus on grammar, reading, comprehension, creative writing and public speaking
  • Weekly tests on both CBSE and foundation chapters
  • Extended hours for children to complete assignments under the assistance of teachers
  • Increased individual attention through our tried and tested education programme
  • Improved problem-solving skills for analytical and creative excellence
  • A structured study plan to cultivate the habit of learning every day