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The Art of Staying Focused Under Pressure

The Art of Staying Focused Under Pressure


Stress and pressure are common among children at all levels of responsibility. Often, you may feel anxious and the mounted-up stress may instigate you to make mistakes in exams. The stress is paramount in those who strive to balance both competitive and board exams. It is imperative to stay focused to achieve the best in both the exams.

For some of you, handling stress may come naturally. For others, stress may push you to the edge. Stress management is something each one of you can acquire with some practice. Below are few tips to keep your mind stress free and focus on the task at hand:

1. Pay Attention

The left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex area of your brain is aimed at preventing distractions. Its effectiveness is determined by how well you can focus. Therefore, focus more efficiently by paying attention to your focus. Being aware of when you start losing focus will help you prevent from getting distracted completely. When you know you are getting distracted or losing motivation, try your best and get yourself back on track.

2. Take a Short Break

At times, you will feel like your body has been zapped of any energy and your eyes may also begin to glaze over. Pushing your body and mind to stay focused may only worsen your state. Instead, take a break and relax. Go for a walk, listen to some music, take a nap or do nothing. Each one's body and mind relax in a different way. Do what is best for you!

3. Start with Smaller Tasks

Break your work into easy bitesize to ensure they are completed more efficiently and quickly. The more you break down your tasks, the faster you will finish them. This way, you will feel you have accomplished something and be motivated to accomplish the task in hand.

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