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Finding and Cultivating Your True Self

believe in yourself

When you start working on yourself, you will begin examining and changing your habits, motivations and goals to become happier and more fulfilled. In this process, you will be able to find your authentic self, who you are at your core, what your values and morals are and what you are trying to be. Tapping into your authenticity will help you heal and transform yourself.
Here are a few things that will help you cultivate authenticity and be a happier, healthier person:

1. Identify your Core Values

Find out what is most important to you in life. Draw a list of five to ten core values and reflect on how you currently engage with them. If "hard work" is a value you want to hold high, what are you doing to foster it? Once you know your values and the role they play in your life, you can start bridging the gap between what is important to you and how you can manifest it in everyday life.

2.  Start Now

There is nothing called as the right time to make a change. You must take the first step and change is bound to follow. Always remember that it's alright to be imperfect. Start bringing your weakness into action, you will realise how you can improve, or you may even end up finding your secret strengths. Begin working on your weaknesses but also remember that imperfections are a part of everyone's life.

3.  Be Persistent

You may find it difficult to let go of old habits. It is common to get comfortable with your routine but with time and ample patience you can always change your habits. It will take time and practice to change, but it is better to take small steps and move towards bettering and developing yourself than being redundant.
Watch Sadhguru talk about knowing yourself, inside and out. 
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