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About Deeksha


"Be the most respected global education services company"


“Provide an effective and caring academic environment that nurtures original thinking and creates young, confident individuals with a sense of responsibility towards society".

Our mission ensures that students are thorough with fundamentals which would equip him/her to tackle Board and Competitive exams with ease.


Dr Sridhar G Deeksha Founder

Dr. Sridhar G, an IIT graduate and a Doctorate from John Hopkins University looked for a better world through students by contributing in the field of education. He gave training to students for IIT-JEE and later on other courses like CET, NTSE, and AIEEE. Within a short span of time, his coaching methodology established Ace as one of the leading institutions in Bangalore. He found that the greatest challenge faced by students studying in class 11 and 12 was proper time management. Students were facing difficulties in maintaining a balance between Board exams and preparation for the competitive examination. In order to address this requirement, he founded Deeksha, an institution that offers training for both board and competitive exams.