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What After 10th

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What After 10th

The time after board exams and results is when students get to breathe a sigh of relief only to find themselves at yet another grilling phase. Choosing which stream to pursue during college and possibly for the rest of their career! How do you go about this? Will you follow your friend’s choice or will you make your own decision? Choosing the right stream after 10th is very important as your decision will have cascading effects on your career.

It is significant to have a clear career plan for a successful career. Let us have a look at the three main streams you have to choose after 10th. You need to select one among three streams’ science, commerce and arts. All three streams have different career opportunities. Let us take a look into these streams individually:

  • Science : This is the most common stream students choose after 10th. There are several career options in this stream including engineering and medicine. This stream keeps options open for you, i.e. students can choose arts or commerce after pursuing science in PU, while arts and commerce students are not allowed to take up science. It is a stream which comes with enormous job opportunities. Students choosing science have to take at least six subjects along with one compulsory subject. You should choose subjects that will help you build a prospective career.
  • Commerce : If you are interested in economics and accounting, then choosing commerce will be a right decision. Commerce stream leads to jobs like chartered accounting, investment banking, financial advising and many more. The three main subjects taught in commerce are accountancy, economics and business study. If you are confused which one to choose between science and commerce, it will be wise to choose the latter, i.e. arts.
  • Arts : If language is what excites you, choose arts or humanities. Don’t think humanities is inferior when compared to other two streams. This stream offers a long list of opportunities. If you are among those who have a liking towards social work, journalism, designing, look for a college that offers best humanities course.

Other than these three streams, if you are planning to appear for competitive exams, then you will require a wise strategy. If you do not want to juggle between your regular school and coaching centre, then look for an institution where you can pursue PU as well as seek coaching for various competitive exams. In this case also, there are wide options. Let us have a look at them:

IIT : If you are among those students who are interested in taking up science as well as want to seek coaching for IIT, then the best option is to opt for an institution that offers PUC along with coaching for JEE Advanced in Bangalore. This will save your time and money.

AIEEE : Students who want to score high in AIEEE should start preparation once they complete class X. It would be a wise decision to choose a centre that provides PUC along with AIEEE coaching in Bangalore.

CET : Apart from IIT and AIEEE, there are many who opt for CET. As this is a tough examination to crack it becomes very important to seek CET coaching in Bangalore. The coaching provided by experts helps one score high marks.

NEET : Are you interested in choosing medical stream after class Xth? If so then, along with PUC you need to prepare for the same. The first important thing that is required in this context is to seek best NEET coaching in Bangalore. Coaching centres teach students simple ways using which they can score high in the examination

Once you take a decision, discuss with your parents or a career guidance counsellor for understanding which stream will be best for you. This is how you can make a move towards your dream career by choosing the right stream after class X.